Hey all –

I figured I could try this out in response to requests for stories about our exceptional animals!

Callie Hope = 2 y.o. cat. Nicknames = Callie, baby girl, darling
Gabriella’s Destinee = 2 y.o. Appendix QH. Nicknames = big butt, Destinee, Des
Maya = 6 month old Irish Setter. Nicknames = baby girl, bright eyes, mai-mai

Until I get a real post up…. Do you have nicknames for your animals?


3 thoughts on “Intro

  1. Oh my gosh! Ok, ready for these nicknames?
    1. Jack- Papa, papa Jack, Jackson, Mr. Jackson Weaver
    2. Missy- Beautiful mama! (destinee's mom!)
    3. Prize – my baby!
    4. Duke – chaos boy
    5 Mya – fat girl
    6. Baby Breeze- devil boy
    7. Cheyenne – crabby girl
    8. Honey – Honey bee
    9. Ravin – Ray
    10 Maximus – Max
    11. Kobb – kobber- dobber
    12. Zeus – sweet pea
    13. Hunter – runner boy
    14. Phoebe – cat with no legs!

    I have more animals but not too many other nicknames! Good luck with this blog!
    Jenny (Second Chance Horse Rescue)

  2. You won't like this one…
    Molly, 6 year old Cocker Spaniel- stupid dog!
    She's actually pretty smart and obedient. But she'll do things like get underfoot (she's black and hard to see) and poop on the sidewalk. Then she'll eat and drink, go outside for a while, come in, and throw up. Stupid dog…

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