Dog Park Musings & Super Secret Games

Let’s be honest,  I call each of my girls ‘baby girl’ but I took the youngest and only one to which ‘baby’ may legitimately still apply with me on errands today! She did great!

Maya LOVES the dog park, which has slightly affected her feelings towards the car but hasn’t completely won her heart toward the wheeled contraptions. Our experiences at the dog park has lead me to wonder… are dogs breed/size elitists? Maya loves to play with labs, goldens, other medium-to-large sized dogs but won’t engage in as much play towards the smaller sized dogs. She’ll play if they are the only ones around but as soon as she sees a ‘big’ dog it’s bye bye tiny!

Today we walked with a ball obsessed Springer Spaniel. He was trained very well and boy would he run when the ball was thrown! They tried to get Maya in on the action but every time they let her smell the ball, she went running in the opposite direction from the throw! I think she’d rather chase the dog than the ball, so that’s what she did. He chased the ball, Maya chased him and they’d both come back ready to go again.

Dave said he’s not sure he believes me but… Destinee and I have a secret game. After we’re all done working, I toss the lead rope over her head and attach on the halter so it looks like reigns and isn’t dragging on the ground. We work on reigning a bit and then I let her go and we play ‘follow the leader’. We walk around the arena and she follows without any physical contact. Zig zags, figure 8s, just no stopping for hay! This last time we even went through an obstacle! Two barrels with a tarp between – looked like someone was prepping for a jump with water. The only problem is, if ANYONE else is in the barn she freezes. Maybe we’ll pull a hidden camera someday for video evidence….


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