Door to Door Evangelists

So, I didn’t really know that door to door evangelists still existed in non-Jehovah’s Witness type fashion! Then today two middle aged women with umbrella’s knock on the door…. it’s raining so I close the door to the entryway keeping Maya locked in the living room and ask if they’d like to step out of the rain while they do their talk. After thanking me and closing up their umbrellas, the one promptly pulls out her Bible and begins reading from Revelations and telling me how God wants to do things that our government can’t even dream of – like raising the dead. And that we should trust Him rather than our government, that the end times are upon us and begins to hand me a brochure which would answer my questions. Overall – she got good marks for her courage, but I must admit I was a little distracted by what was going on in the living room….

Because by this point Maya is in full blown freak out on the other side of the door – I can hear her scratching the freshly painted door but am helpless to stop her since the kind lady keeps talking. When I can’t bear it anymore I peak open the door and Maya lunges – tongue out, tail wagging, ready to take these two ‘bless your heart’ ladies out. Exclamations of ‘ooooh, an Irish Setter!’ and ‘She’s beautiful!’ ensue. The one closest to the screen door (and owner of two dogs) is the most desired licking accomplishment in Maya’s eyes – luckily I was able to grab her collar and she even settled into an antsy ‘sit’. That ended when she determined her sitting like a good girl wasn’t reaping the reward of attention as it should and she began to ‘talk’ at the women – our quiet as a mouse pup! ‘Talking!’ Despite the clearly excited and barely contained wriggling puppy the first woman refuses to leave the brochure on the chair or the table next to the door – instead pushing towards my rather occupied hands. That exchange almost cost us the second lady, who plastered herself to the screen door and escaped Maya’s ravaging tongue by a good foot. I must say, my reflexes are quite good!

Thankfully, that was the end of their task for the day so they said repeated their first observations that Maya was beautiful and charming (ha!) and said that they hoped to see me again soon. I can’t help but question that last statement… while I am sure the surprise of an excited puppy was probably the least of their worries upon knocking on strangers’ doors I can’t help but wonder if they will think twice next time before knocking!

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