The Joys of Equine Massage

It’s about time the chestnut filly got some blog time!

Miss Destinee has a visitor for about the next month! My brother/mom’s 2 year old, Divya, is at the barn for training. She ‘gets’ to live in the stall next to Destinee and I try to make sure they receive the same amount of treats and that annoying ‘what’s Cate going to make me do now’ time that they love sooo much. *wink* So far they’ve both conquered walking around with hula hoops around their neck, over one ear, etc. And figured out how to push the hoops along the arena. We also regularly play with and around cones/barrels/tarps/mounting blocks/poles… basically whatever we can find in the arena!

Divya is being trained by the barn’s owner so I get to play nice person. Destinee is being trained by me, so we spend some time each visit working on lounging and normal groundwork along with the loving. Recently the girls have been calm enough that at least one of them gets a neck massage each visit – I put Destinee to sleep the first couple times! Her neck was super tight – all that running around and being doted on must really put strain the neck…  ha. I did a little youtube research and found some more ‘moves’ from a clip off the equine channel – hopefully the girls will appreciate it! Destinee is rocking the lounging – in about a month, she’s almost always responding to vocal cues for walk, trot and whoa. The whip is a nice prop that I get to leave hiding behind my back most the time! I think we’re getting a couple more lessons between now and May to work up to cantering and finalize the prep for putting a person on her back! Yay!! Now I just have to get back up to riding shape and maybe take a few lessons myself to work out those ‘haven’t ridden since Taylor’ kinks. My inner thighs are already moaning.

One of my favorite sights is those two girls sticking their heads of their stalls ‘smiling’ at me. Almost heavenly. Especially when my baby nickers super soft. But yes, I do realize they’re both hoping for treats.

Things are pretty hectic here – on top of just starting off the semester, Maya got spayed last week and trying to keep a 6.5 month Irish Setter ball of energy on ‘rest’ for 14 days is driving me crazy! Not to mention how cooped up she feels. Not going to lie, we’re not doing so great on the ‘no jumping’ to see out the windows thing. She’s even managed to get her paws on the counter a couple times. And boy is she tired of having to be leashed to go in her yard. Poor dear.


One thought on “The Joys of Equine Massage

  1. Cate- Actually, i think you are partially wrong. They do also nicker at you BECAUSE its you, their partner. Ok, AND for the treats they get from you as well! Love the way Diyva and Destinee look so much alike! And Destinee longing does rock!

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