Quick notes

1. Maya’s started pointing at squirrels!!!

2. Callie apparently escaped through the screen last night and explored the backyard. Maya was growling so Dave took her outside and Callie went running from the yard to the back door once they got to the middle of our yard! Good girl Maya. But next time, keep her from leaving the porch in the first place!

3. It’s hard not to burst with pride when I see how ‘soft’ Destinee’s eyes have gotten or how tolerant she is of me. My goal is to be as annoying as a 5 year old so she can handle anything! Sometimes I just laugh and apologize because truly, I can’t imagine being excited to see me! Especially on a ‘Oh great, where’s the lead rope going to go now?’ type day.

4. Divya is such a good girl! She’s calmed right down and has even started showing her soft eyes and just enjoying chilling with me. I’m happy she’s doing well! Now we just have to get the girls to stop beating her up…

5. Divya and Destinee have switched stalls? At least yesterday and today they’ve been in the wrong stalls with the wrong names! I hope the girls decided to switch on their own and the humans just haven’t felt like making them go to ‘their’ stall. At least that would mean that Divya gets her full pound of grain each meal and Destinee only gets a half! But perhaps more hilarious would be if the person bringing them in can’t tell Destinee and Divya apart!


2 thoughts on “Quick notes

  1. Is he the only one doing the feeding? I left a note on the board and was hoping Jodi did some of the feedings so Destinee would only get one super big meal a day…. oh the joy Destinee is probably feeling!

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