One of those weeks.

It truly has been one (or two) of those weeks… on top of being busy with school, law journal, clinical and luma…

One of the horses at the girls’ barn came down with a small case of strangles. So we’re watching for symptoms and trying to check in as much as possible.

Maya decided that swallowing a cat toy that had become a LONG length soft string would be a good idea. Cue frantic call home about whether we should pull the end that was still hanging out of her mouth or cut it.

Then Dave and I saw each other for about 15 min both Monday and Tuesday. We had a wonderful house guest on Wednesday night and Maya had a dog park date with a law school friend and her dog. Not bad, just busy!

Last night we get back from small group to a kennel smeared in puppy stuff. Smeeeeeelllly. Cleaned up the floor, the kennel got a rough go through, we threw out her demolished and now brown (again, yuck!) blanket and brought in the travel kennel with sleeping bag.

This morning we woke up to more mess. So in the hour before I had to leave for a client meeting: Maya got a full fledged bath, the house kennel finished getting clean and then I went outside to see if I should be concerned about a string Maya that swallowed last week still being inside her. In the midst of that fun search (and yard clean up!) Callie got out and managed to run around the yard twice with Maya chasing her before I could a hold of her. Put her back inside and realized that if I kept our auto-locking back door even a little bit more closed – Callie would push it the rest of the way trying to get out. So I unlocked the side door and went out to finish the search and sure enough when we were done – the back door was locked!

I just got home from the grocery with chicken to boil and rice to cook for Maya’s weekend culinary experience and Callie just got out AGAIN. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that feline was in heat! She’s crazy about the outside and has been belligerent since the screen door’s hole got too big to cover (Thank you, Maya) preventing us from letting her hang out on the porch. I’m thinking a house project day is in order…..


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