Yesterday = project day, light version.

Dave took some wood and closed off the bottom part of our screen door! Now the hole is covered over and there was a surprise added bonus of the door benefiting from the extra weight. It’s functioning much better AND Callie has been reunited with her porch. (And there was much rejoicing! yaaaaay.) Now to match the paint and get that painted over/maybe add some decorative touches so it looks super cool. He also got the hose working so I didn’t have to scrub out the travel kennel by hand, phew! Doing that once was more than enough!

Maya’s still getting rice and boiled chicken but things are going much better so perhaps we’ve dodged a trip to the vet! There’s a high possibility that she ate a bit of a dead mouse and the concern is that the mouse had been poisoned. But her continued positive attitude and high energy levels seem to indicate that her stomach just doesn’t like mice! Took the camera in the back yard with her today and got some cute shots. Maya’s almost figured out fetch with a ball. Sometimes the whole ‘holding onto the ball until you get to a person’ seems to elude her. But overall, improvement. Plus she learned ‘down’ in less than a day. It’s about time to sign her up for beginning obedience classes – I’m thinking she’ll be a smarty pants!


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