The return of ‘normal’

There’s no doubt Callie had a great time at Grandma’s – napping/snuggling with Grandpa and Caleb, hunting poor Sydney bird (seriously that bird is 19! 19!! I’m glad she didn’t give that cockatiel a heart attack!!) Grandpa even said that he and Maddie might suffer Callie withdrawal. So sweet. Regardless, she was thrilled to be home! Ran upstairs and sat at ‘her’ doors meowing and waiting for me to open them so she could make sure nothing was ruined in her absence (because seriously – that’s the best part of being a cat, getting to ruin stuff!). Finally satisfied that the upstairs was acceptable, she came down to snuggle, purr and play with Maya. And boy, did Maya love that!

They’ve also returned to their general self-policing strategies. Maya goes near a Callie only room (i.e. bathroom) and Callie puts Maya in her place, though Maya rarely attempts to enter these areas. Callie goes in a Maya only area (i.e. basement) and ooh boy does Maya chase her out quick! This happens quite frequently! Makes things easier for us that way, now when we see Callie at the basement stairs Dave just says ‘Caaaalllie!’ in an annoyed tone and Maya goes still, notes Callie’s location, gives her a second to retreat and then releases into a dead run. Once Callie’s cleared the kitchen, Maya comes back down and lays down on her futon or the carpet, but continues to watch the stairs… Gone are the days we had to track Callie down, coax her to us with treats, take her upstairs and try to keep the door shut. Ahh, so great.

Maya practicing her Callie ‘intimidation’ old time gangster style (stick = gun). ‘Myeah, I’ve got this stick, see? Don’t make me use it, see?’

Destinee is gorgeous and perfect as ever! 101 days until she turns 3! (Not that I’m counting…) She’s apparently become the herd boss again, not great but things are going better this time than the last time she was ‘boss’. So perhaps the temporary return of Dream and Rosie did help Destinee figure out a little better leadership…. And I’m sure Mecina keeping tabs on Destinee is helping as well!


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