Callie – is my roommate. Likes to hang out and we give each other attention, but also does her own thing – has her own schedule and activities that don’t involve me. Makes vocal demands if I don’t hold up my end of the deal – like filling her food bowl every night regardless of how much food is left in it….

Maya – is like a child. Makes almost constant demands for attention and affection. Gets into trouble if she feels neglected. Usually obeys quite well but sometimes gets too excited and overstimulated to obey… I love her to bits but she can still make me frustrated quite easily. She also has these beautiful, bright eyes that get her out of almost any trouble she finds herself in!

Destinee – is my best friend. She shows her displeasure at my lack of visits when things are busy but forgives and moves on quickly. Enjoys learning new things with me, but prefers munching hay while I have coffee/tea and just chill. One of my favorite places to think or just ‘be’ is sitting on one of the tires in the paddock with my head on her forehead. I see God’s provision and love each time I think about how she came to be mine and I overflow with awe and thanksgiving.

Wintery days make me excited for the day that Des can be in our backyard and we can hang out without trying to get the Civic down unplowed roads… And Maya and Des can become trail buddies. Until then I’ll remain eager for late spring when things are dry(ish) and warm(ish)!


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