Spring Fever, yeah!

Cabin Fever!  (link)

We’re at the point of the year when I think Callie and Maya feel just like those muppets! To be fair, Callie has been showing signs for awhile now, but Maya’s symptoms just started yesterday and are more “subtle”.

Maya keeps asking for the front door to be open so she can sit and watch the kids from the screen door. And her trips outside are getting longer and longer. Callie, on the other hand, has been trying to jump into the bathroom window for weeks now. The only problem is, the window is closed! Half the time it ends with her face planting and falling back to the floor, the rest of the time she successfully stays on the little ledge and begins purring and rubbing on the blinds. I can’t decide if I feel terribly sad for her or if I wish she would realize, it’s still cold out there!! The next sign in the progression of spring fever was Callie joining Maya in begging to go out. Callie wants her screen porch privileges returned so badly! Finally, while Callie had become extremely vocal before Maya, she has since turned her volume down and only vocalized after Maya was put to bed or during their play time. Now she has returned to meowing, both randomly and with purpose. Example: if Maya’s outside – Callie is pawing at the door and meowing. (Interpretation: LET ME OUT)

Since it is so nice out this morning, the sun is shining and birds are signing, I closed the outside door to the porch and let Callie go sit in her chair. Despite the fact that Maya had been out for 15 minutes prior to her coming in and me letting Callie out… she acted like she hadn’t been outside in WEEKS. Frantically nudging the door nob, trotting to me, licking my hands, trotting back to the door. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. About every 3-4 times I would get up and look out the window at Callie. She’d look at me, her eyes would get huge and her gaze would drop to the door nob. My interpretation: “Nooo, not yet. I like it out here, just don’t do let that dog out here yet.” Eventually, Maya was let out and Callie ran back inside. Callie took up meowing at me again so I asked her, What? Where do you want to go? Her response: Sit by the back door and stare at it. I got the message pretty clear.

Here’s hoping this household can survive until spring!


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