Growing (up) pains.

Since Destinee had been exhibiting strong amounts of boredom for the past month, one fine weekday we decided to up the time table a little bit! Saddle, reins, lounging and reining from the ground and then up I went! She was one cool cat – not even Michele yanking on the stirrup leathers freaked her out. Then it was picture time! Michele kept backing up to get out of the pictures and Destinee kept walking toward her like, ‘What? Walk? Then why do you stop me?’ We decided that was enough for one night and hopped off. LOTS of praise and pets followed. By the by – we left the stirrups “short”.

Then I had a lesson – she was the perfect example of a straight A student so we started working on the next steps in lounging, introducing the canter. She struggled to understand what we wanted and kept stopping and turning in to ask, we took that as part of the learning process kept going until we thought she understood and then up Jodi went. Destinee wasn’t sure about Jodi back there and me on the ground but she figured it out and we took a couple laps around the arena with me leading and then Jodi even did a little circle around me! Again, cool cat. She spent a lot of time licking and chewing, yawning and otherwise telling us she was finally learning again! And boy was she learning a LOT!

Finally, yesterday. An ode to sticking with your original plan. I got to the barn expecting to work on documents, fix the new saddle up and then get Destinee out. When I arrived I was told that the people coming to look at two adoption horses weren’t coming until 4pm and I should get Destinee out now rather than later. I failed to ask someone in charge and just stumbled along, we ended up getting the saddle on but the correct stirrups had to be put on as the saddle was on Des… not something I would suggest! She got sooo antsy. And then – the worst I’ve ever seen her lounge! She refused to go out for me and then would get ahead and spin round and just sit there staring at me. Oy! Talk about a switch from allllll our previous times! I was pretty frustrated and out of ‘arrows’ as Linda Parelli says. AND not quite in the state of mind to go ‘hmmm, how interesting!’ Jodi came into the arena and took over – hopefully she got Destinee through to a state that we can return to our fun lounging. I had all my ‘how interesting’ moments while Jodi worked her through it. Apparently adding canter cues ruined all of lounging for Des! Ack! Next time, I vow to stick with my plan and/or ask people in charge if the overarching plan has changed and thoughtfully change my plans based on what I’m told. Regardless, she’s still my sweet girl. I spent some time with the mares before I left and Divya and Destinee just snuggled on up, one in front and one in back, acting like no one ever loves them. Apparently they’re doing this a lot these days, but I’ll take it!

Destinee will get a little break from the saddle as I oil it. But the farrier comes out on Thursday so she can’t get a complete break, I need to know she’ll behave and stand still for him. No growing pains for the farrier!! So we’ll go back to slow walk, fast walk, slow trot, fast trot – in hand and lounging. (I think she really likes to do those in hand… maybe a halter class this summer to show her off?) It’s also a crazy busy week – hopefully I can fit it all in!!

Also – new mare! Name is Fermi? (I think she needs a new one, shh) Off the track, 5 year old, 16+, TB… I think I was told the owner has had her for a few years but hasn’t done much with her as far as riding goes. Jodi gets to figure out how to best help her move past the racing training and onto something else. She’s a darling as well! I think she’d be a good ride…


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