June, already??

Wow it’s been awhile.

Well, let’s see… Destinee injured her leg in April, effectively halting our training. BUT she is recovering nicely and I’m believing that just as God protected her from injuring herself beyond repair, He also kept both myself and Des sane while she healed. It also happened to occur days before I was leaving on a missions trip, followed by finals, graduation, visitors, trip to Florida and general chaos. So spending hours riding Destinee probably wasn’t in the books for the past month anyway! The break has helped her mentally as well, we did a bit of lunging at the walk and she has almost returned to her well behaved self! Phew!

In the mean time, with the extreme heat and our lack of air conditioning – Maya has become fond of swimming! As the heat advisory would go out, temps would start to climb above 90, we’d hit the pet beach to hang out in the water… At first, she was panicked and would not go in – now she LOVES it! Hooray!

I’ve been working on my photography when not job searching or doing other such activities. Check out the new, improved website! www.cathleenheath.com

And here’s some photo updates….




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