A few of my favorite things

1. Picnik – great online photo editing tool for those that are just learning about editing. You can get it for free or pay for more options with a premium account! The premium price is pretty reasonable, I haven’t tried it yet as I have Photoshop Elements for most editing needs. But I do love the ease and feel of this site. I highly recommend it!

2. Redbubble – this seems like a great online sales tool. The prices are a little high but the seller gets a small portion compared to the overall price. I have yet to sell anything through that site but perhaps someday!

3. 365 Project – Such a great way to keep learning and growing in photography! There’s a good community base that you can search through for inspiration, guidance, etc. It’s forcing me to be creative *almost* every day. I’m seeing personal growth in consistently better pictures. It’s not as much of a sporadic thing as it used to be. I’m forced to pick the camera up EVERY day and try to get a new interesting picture EVERY day. I’ve learned that my life is rather boring!

4. My dog – she saves my 365 Project more days that I’d like to admit. She always keeps things interesting and I’m learning how to play around with the framing to keep the photos of her just as interesting!

At the dog beach.
On a board walk in a WI state park.

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