Sick Puppy & Runaway Cat

This week I got a taste of how freaked out I’ll be when Dave and I have kids and they come down with some strange disease I’ve never had to deal with before… whatever do I mean? Well…

Sick Puppy: 

Maya has been a perfect ANGEL sleeping out of her kennel at night, I mean seriously, never has the transition from kennel to dog bed gone so wonderfully! Then Monday morning arrives, its cloudy and wet so my morning photo shoot gets rescheduled and I notice Maya’s been licking the same spot for a few minutes now…. I make her stop, check where she was licking and holy cow! There is a HUGE section of her under arm that is raised and welting like a rash. I text Dave to be ready for an extra vet bill, call my mom for a sanity check and then call the vet, all while examining Maya’s body and realizing the rash is starting across her chest. The vet wanted her to come in but couldn’t see her for 4+ hours so I throw a t-shirt on Maya and hold her until its time to go. No joke, my rambunctious, wiggly, energetic pup just wanted to be in some sort of physical contact while not moving, oh and panting A LOT.  

An hour or so before the vet I notice the bumps have traveled down both front legs… Needless to say, I was starting to become anxious. So we left for the vet really early. 
I was hoping it was an allergic reaction to the pile of ants she laid in the day before or something easy like that!

Her reaction after realizing she was covered in bugs and shaking them off…

Get the bug guy out, kill the ants – problem solved.

No. such. luck.

Apparently the cuts she was getting at the dog park from mowed thick grass had let in a skin infection…. Actually the words from the vet’s mouth were – wow, that’s a serious skin infection. Nothing like the word ‘serious’ to make me feel like a failure. The vet’s assurances that skin infections pop up overnight and can become serious very quickly didn’t make me feel better. BUT Maya got meds yesterday and her first oatmeal bath tonight and she’s starting to perk back up! I think getting pb 4 times a day is helping her mood too. =)

On a lighter note: She’s so funny/cute in shirts, her trying to walk makes me smile. I’m likening this to chicken pox for people, it’s really itchy and if you scratch it (or lick it) too much the skin could break open. NOT GOOD. Luckily, unlike if it were chicken pox, Dave can help without fear. Ah yes, the walk in clinic should be very close when we have kids….. We’re believing she’ll be mostly better by this weekend so we can all go visit the farm for (hopefully) the arrival of the first cria!! (baby alpaca)

Dave’s shirt she wears to bed to keep the licking of the lower legs to a minimum…. She looks so much like a little kids playing dress up in Dad’s clothes! 

4th Bergwall pride! 
She’s just the sweetest, even all sick and icky feeling. 

Runaway Cat:                                                                                  (Sorry no photos for this one!)
As I’m preparing for a photo session this morning, I look up from my computer and what do I see? A cat that looks a lot like Callie walking down the neighbor’s driveway from the sidewalk! How cool! I wonder who owns that cat?

My mind kicks in: Come to think of it… when’s the last time I saw Callie? I mean, it IS her morning nap time but… that collar looks awfully familiar…. I call out: Callie?

The cat on the driveway freezes, mews and starts loping towards our house.


I run for the cat treats, close Maya in the house and go to the back porch door. Start to shake the treat can but Callie is sitting there, waiting for me to open the door.


I think she was traumatized by her experience. I don’t know how in the world she got out, how long she was gone or where she went on her little field trip, but let’s just say she raced into the house and upstairs to her room and hasn’t gone NEAR a door since.

Now that’s what I call an eventful few days in the lives of the animals! 


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