Cats and Crafts….

Cats and crafts DO NOT MIX. As much as I love Callie Hope, I’m becoming more convinced that cats are evil creatures who do exactly what you want them not to and then laugh at your angst for hours.

To start – I’ve recently discovered Pinterest and I’m a little addicted. I mean, it’s helping solve all my crafty and organizational needs so why wouldn’t I be! Since I’ve been non-crafting for years now, I forced hubby to go with me to craft stores last night and get supplies for a few projects. We got home – he went upstairs to work on programming and I got to work on a knot necklace…. Unfortunately this necklace involved string and wrapping said string around my fingers, creating knots which then began to cascade away from my hand and swing in an enticing manner….

With Maya laying at my feet I felt relatively safe from any Callie interference, but I was wrong! Half way through the knotting process Callie started jumping for the string and then running away from Maya. I finished the knot section, went to let Maya out and by the time I came back – the necklace was on the floor and being batted across the dining room. I muttered, picked it up and began the process to unknot all the knots I made and Callie messed up. This happened twice.

Trying to be smart I took a small section of string and draped it over the chair next to me. Callie dutifully took the bait and went after that string, leaving me in momentary peace. The only problem? Maya decided to also defend THAT string with all she had – which meant she pounced on Callie and swallowed the string before I could blink. So now we’re on the lookout for silver sparkles in during our backyard clean up times…. But third time was a charm because I finally got the necklace finished!


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