The Stick Game

Maya LOVES sticks. Loves, loves, loves them. Even rose bush sticks – she carries around and chews on like no thorns can hurt her. This is ok outside (though I’m not happy about the rose she pulled up and ate) but sticks are NOT allowed inside. They leave such a mess and she has perfectly good bones to chew on (which aren’t allowed outside due to her love of burying them). So what do we do when Maya wants to come in with a stick?

I stand at the backdoor and shake my head, surprisingly this usually works, and Maya drops the stick and runs down the steps to let the door swing open. I open the door. Maya looks at the stick. I look at the stick. Maya tries to grab said stick as she climbs the stairs and nonchalantly walks through the door. I close the door in her face, sigh, shake my head and tell her to  drop the stick. Depending on the yumminess of the stick this can go on 2-8 times. Recently, she added a new twist.

The new stick is small enough to fit completely in her mouth, I don’t even think it can be classified as a stick. It’s more of a wood chip. The only sign of its presence in her mouth is that she can’t quite force her lips together. We’re talking an itty bitty thing. Not likely to cause much clean up. But. It’s the principle of the matter. So we go through the whole process. Sigh, shake head, dropped chip, down steps, open door, up steps, grab chip just before door, door closed, sigh….

The Chip.

(sorry about how dirty our steps are puppies love mud)

I try to act frustrated so she gets the message but I’m just as tickled that I never told her no sticks in the house and yet she created this game one day that’s still going strong. I just hope I’m winning!


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