Just a few quick updates –

1. I had a blast Wednesday night working with a lovely family. Hopefully the kids thought their reward of ice cream was worth suffering through all the photos! More photos on fb.

2. We’re gearing up for the State Fair – I’ll be helping work the Wensleydale Farms booth in the Cattle Barn (where they put the alpaca). The farm is bringing a couple alpaca and tons of pictures/information, as well as some yarn for sale in a nearby booth! I’ll have business cards, postcards, samples and my booking calendar. Perhaps even some free photos? Stop by to say ‘hi’!!

3. The postcards came in the mail yesterday! I’m pretty happy with them – the colors are all a little off but they’ll do. Still waiting for a few more packages… even though they’re not for me, I still get excited to see them on my step!

4. It’s almost time to be on cria (baby alpaca) watch for the second time! We’re hopeful this little one will be just as cute and sweet as Faith! As before photos will be up as soon as I can get there to take them!


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