How to Tell…




… if you own a scared-y cat dog:

1. The cat can chase the dog around the house.

2. A horse grazing nearby is ok but if that horse makes ANY noise that is cause for panic.

3. Semi-trucks cause her to catapult herself into you chest and shake in fear.


89. Her excitement to go ‘play in the yard’ with you is IMMEDIATELY quelled and desperation to return in-doors appears at the sight of one itty bitty bubble floating away from the bubble wand. Oh and the bubble – it’s on the other side of the yard.

90. Blowing bubbles between her and the door results in quick calculations as to how to maneuver  so as to not touch ANY of the ‘explosive’ bubbles while still getting to the door.





She WAS brave enough to sit while I held the wand up…

91. The sprinkler – the object that brings refreshing summer fun to so many – sparks terror and may actually beat the bubbles for ‘most terrifying object’.

I love Maya.

Oh and the first time she saw a firefly this year? Too cute. Wish I had a camera for that one!


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