Free Stuff!

A dear friend has clued me in to some great money saving blogs recently. I’m loving it!! But I’m sure this has not been as pleasant an experience for dear hubby – as a free 8×10 canvas comes with a $15 shipping fee…. But that’s beside the point right now. The point is: that you can get two 8×10’s from Cannon shipped to your door… completely FREE! They don’t even ask for a credit card to ‘have on file’.

How to get the prints – Cannon will send you two 8x10s printed on one of their printers for free, you have to create an account and upload the pictures you’d like. Another link to the page can be found here. Warning: their website seems to be rather slow (probably a little overloaded right now) but my first photo did get through just fine.

Don’t forget some other deals still going on from a previous post!

Cheers! Enjoy the photos and let me know if you see any other great photo deals out there!


I found this on CouponingToDisney and it looks like she found it from someone else. I love how that works!


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