Destinee’s New Friend

One of my spectacular smaller cousins (Munchkin #1) was able to sleep over at our house for the first time last week! She behaved wonderfully, wiggled her loose tooth almost the whole time and reacted calmly to all the animals she was surrounded by. She is also getting to decorate her room and she picked….. (drumroll)……. Pink, Green and Horses! (as well as: purple, flowers, etc…) So of course I suggested that we go visit Destinee and give her some yummy carrots!

Destinee did a great job – Munchkin got to brush her and feed her lots of carrots (Des has a hard, hard life – sympathy cards are welcome) and to top it off – another owner offered to let Miss Munchkin ride her horse! Flip flops came off, helmet was acquired, dress was adjusted and up she went (with all the warning bells of equine safety ringing soundly in my head). Thankfully the horse and owner are also careful and everything went great! Miss Munchkin got to walk/trot and then ride backwards at a walk!

While they went round and round, I discussed lesson options with the barn owner anddddd…… Starting in 2 weeks, Miss Destinee will have a little 6 (going on 7) year old working with her! Nothing major – just riding at the walk and learning how to hold reins, proper body positioning, equine safety, etc. That means I have not much time to get back up on my girl, make sure she’s still way good under saddle and prepare her for a little sack of potatoes on her back. So excited! Then after a few weeks of that Munchkin #1 can graduate on to half hour lessons with the barn owner every other week (if parentals and munchkin all agree). And I’ll continue to progressing under saddle with Des.

Miss Callie – did generally ok, she did lose her self control once and semi-gently bit Munchkin #1 : aggravating factors? 1. Not being able to sniff Munchkin’s offending hand before it touched her and 2. Maya careening too close for comfort. No feelings were hurt and Munchkin was sad she didn’t wake up to a snuggling cat in the morning.

Maya – LOVED it. Seriously, that dog adores the munchkins. Little fingers with food residue to lick, bits of popcorn falling to the floor, ears that are oh so much closer to her tongue… it’s almost her heaven on earth! Maya did enjoy returning to her place as center of attention and I think she would like a foster dog just as much! (I’d say ‘hint hint darling dearest’ but we all know that won’t even be a potential discussion point until I’m gainfully employed. I’m looking at you, employers, make my puppy’s dreams come true.)

Overall, fun times were had by all and we’re looking forward to the next sleep over!


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