Maya’s Version of the Stork

As the days go by I’m becoming more and more convinced that Maya believes children are dropped off by the magical ‘daycare provider’. See, we have a daycare nearby that takes their charges on a walk past our house twice a day –  and if Maya is able to see them the next few minutes go something like this.

Maya wiggles in excitement. She sits at the front door or fence line. Her tail thuds. Her whole body starts to wiggle. She gets up, runs to me with her ‘excited’ face… “Is today the day? Can we keep one?” Runs back to the fence/door. Thuds tail. Picks her favorite and looks from kid to me to kid. Starts to crane her neck as they are almost out of sight. As the last little one disappears down the street, she sighs and walks away. I tell her, “Sorry, Maya, not today.”

Tomorrow – we’ll probably do it all over again. But did you know? Magical daycare providers don’t come on the weekends!

Someday she’ll realize that kids don’t come from magical daycare providers and that they aren’t automatically fun 4-6 year olds that can’t eat popcorn without dropping half the bowl. But not today, not tomorrow, not for awhile… And please, don’t tell her. Let her hold on to her puppyhood. =)


One thought on “Maya’s Version of the Stork

  1. I like this post. It is the beginning of a series of stories for children. Keep the creative juices flowing. You have the gifting to succeed.

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