Rambling Reggie

Today we drove home from church and pulled into the alley. I was feverishly typing/reading on my phone. (Waunakee has a Jamba Juice now!!! YIPPEEEEE!!! So excited! But anyways….)

I hear Hubby say, “careful puppy.” (or something like that)

My head snaps up.

Me: “What did you say?”

Him: “There’s a dog loose in the alley.”

Me: “LET ME OUT! We have to make sure he gets home ok!”

I hop out and this cute golden retriever comes running to me. Tags? Only a dog park tag. Sigh. No rabies tag or license. If I call the cops or the humane society his owner will be fined for not having the dog properly tagged…. but how else can we return him? So we take him home, let him in our yard and I walk over to the neighbors. They don’t know of a young golden in the area but give a few houses where he could belong. I go back home, leash the dog up and we start on a walk.

My rumbling stomach and the food we just got from the grocery store mostly forgotten. Poor Hubby.

I decide to start with the houses our neighbor identified. No one answers. I start to wonder if we could keep him, I mean this is one nicely behaved dog! And he’s so sweet! He and Maya could be best friends! We cross one street and start crossing the next.

Suddenly we hear a man, “Reggie! What are you doing over there?”

The dog and I snap to attention and start heading toward the voice. As I watch the dog’s reaction, I drop his leash and let him run to the man. His owner thanks me and says Reggie has never left the yard before. The leash is unhooked, Reggie is brought back into the yard while getting a stern ‘talking to’ and I walk home alone.

I’m grateful we found his loving home but I do hope the dog gets his license put on his collar. And just maybe they should have fences higher than 1.5-2 ft? Oy.

Oh and Maya wishes we would’ve let her into the backyard to play with him. She was dreadfully upset to have missed our guest.
(In all the excitement, I failed to obtain a picture. If he escapes again and comes to visit, I’ll be sure to remedy that!)


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