State Fair Revisited

Wensleydale Farms and I had a great time at the WI State Fair last week! We left exhausted each night but remained peppy and talkative (with major help from caffeine by the last day). I’m also fairly certain we almost lost our voices trying to talk over the fans/noise in the cattle barn… but that’s beside the point.

We’d like to thank ALL the people (there were so many of you!) who stopped by, asked questions and signed up for the farm newsletter! The first newsletter will go out beginning of September. After that tentative the schedule is: January/February(s)with spring show schedule, July(s) with cria updates and September(s) with National Alpaca Farm Days information.

Did you miss us at the fair? Don’t worry! You can still sign up for the farm newsletter on their website. You can find the sign up under the contact tab.

I was particularly impressed with the number of people who asked if alpacas were related to camels. You all must have done some homework!

Now for some photos:

Everyone wanted to feel, so the guys tried to vary which alpaca was chosen.

The board stayed the same each day, but we switched up the table displays to keep things interesting…

Cathleen Heath Photography had a bookshelf display just off to the side. The 4×6’s were a hit! Did you get one?

During a slight lull in the crowd, I jumped up and snapped a picture of our aisle. We had so much space and only 3 alpaca farms… hopefully more will join us next year.

Bandit was tired before the end of day 1!

I also happen know that both Wensleydale Farms and Cathleen Heath Photography have some exciting things coming up for our facebook fans – so check out the link and be sure to like us! I’ve got some fun alpaca scarf ideas I’m working on – perhaps a giveaway of one of those at either or both pages!! Plus – contests/giveaways and exclusive updates. You do NOT want to miss it! And share with your friends, they don’t want to miss it either!


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