Conquering Fears

Maya’s had some new ‘fears’ pop up lately… and unfortunately for her, she’s had to buck up and deal with them.

The Umbrella. When we discovered her distrust of umbrellas, my umbrella came out and was set up on the back porch. She calmly lives around it, though the cat does like to periodically terrorize her by jumping at her from beneath the umbrella. When that happens, I don’t blame Maya when she cautiously watches for the ‘jumping umbrella’ the next few times through the room!

Rain. Now, I’m not sure if this is a fear or if she just REALLY hates getting wet but…. It poured last week and our gutter right above the backdoor happened to be blocked. That meant 4 streams of water pouring from the sky right above her door. She finally managed to get outside but it took a lot of patience. I mistakenly tried to use the umbrella to block the water streams. Then she just freak out about the umbrella being so high above her head. Ha!

And lastly (For now)

The Tortoise.  She was curious but also very leery of any special powers Will might have in his box. We had a few laughs at her trying to sneakily walk up to his box only to scamper away when he withdrew into his shell. Her courage increased dramatically when he was released for some grass time.



In opposite fashion – she’s become much more protective of me lately… Barking at random things when it’s dark and we’re home alone, checking out every little noise, growling if Dave unexpectedly comes home (at least until she smells/sees it’s him). The poor mailman even got a scare the other morning! He came to drop off a big envelope, tried our screen door, Maya woke up from her deep sleep and went crazy! Granted, tail wagging, but man did she bark! Poor guy, he was a good sport about it though. And Maya was yelled at. No need to scare the nice people that bring us presents!!



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