A Princess & A Baby Shower — Madison, WI Child Photographer

Busy weekend around here! I just finished my first full week of training at the new day job so I’m a little behind on…. well…. everything. Regardless, I had the pleasure of spending time at a baby shower this weekend and seeing one of our friends little girls!


First up – Miss K, the almost 1-year-old!

Isn’t she just precious? I finished making the crowns the night before and was so relieved that they were dry enough to use! The edges are more curled than they should be but that’s what I get for not having time to craft until late Friday night!! Little Miss K was such a trooper – and boy did she love playing with my bracelets!


Next – Mr. C, the guest of honor at the baby shower! He is such a good baby and what a loving family. That little boy has so many people who love him, what a blessed child!



As always – more pics on facebook. Though the quality is lacking in their photo uploading. What is everyone else up to? For me next weekend = mini-session, National Alpaca Farm Days and probably a soccer event/picnic. Oh and we’re still looking for newborn models!! Pass the word!


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