Animal Visitor and such

It’s been pretty quiet on the animal front around here – probably because I’m a complete scatterbrain trying to get used to working full time, part time photography and such!

Anyway — after a rough start with our house guest, she adjusted well and even began to enjoy playing with Maya and Callie. Phew! Des and Munchkin #1 had another lesson together – they did great, as expected. Munchkin even got Des to back up on her own, big step for both of them!

Maya seems to be having an understandably hard time adjusting to my working full time and having so many obligations on the weekends/evenings. For both our sakes – I hope settles into a routine and we can return to our dog park trips! We did get to have some fun as I prepped for a recent photo shoot (previews coming soon). We found out that Maya is terrified of balloons! Our floor was covered with them and we still have some left over so we’re using them and trying to help her learn to remain calm in the midst of her fear. As of now – the best way to keep her calm and from jumping when you walk in the door? Grab a balloon and hold it at just below waist level! Works like a charm! Hopefully soon she’ll walk and hang out around balloons and umbrellas without big fear eyes.

All in all – things are good here! I’m trucking through the 2 page to-do list that never seems to get smaller, loving my animals at home and wishing I could spend more time at the barn!


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