National Alpaca Farm Days — Madison, WI Photographer

After Mr. B’s fun session last Saturday, I ventured north to help Wensleydale Farms with National Alpaca Farm Days.

The chilly, threatening to rain day didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits and all that came had a great time. In addition to the animals there was plenty to see and do : an obstacle course, the Rasbearry Hills farm shop, spinners, welt felting, needle felting, fiber carding and more! The welt felting was probably the most fun for all ages – there was a tub of water, soap and fiber with a plastic sheet over it. All you had to do was walk on the sheet to agitate the water/fiber mixture! I can’t wait to hear how the rug turned out, everyone got such big smiles on their faces trying it out.

Samples of the products for sale:

Nesting Balls

Felt hat, isn’t it beautiful?

We had a such a great time and can’t wait for Wensleydale Farms to host their own open house!! Brief updates on the actual animals is posted under the “Animals” tab!


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