Maya’s Drool

If anyone has a special device that can create a drool force field around a laptop, please let me know. I love her dearly but my goodness!

It’s like Maya goes, ‘hmmm, Cate’s on the computer…. should I drink a bunch of water and then say hi by sticking my head on her keyboard and leaving huge drops of water everywhere? Yes, that is definitely the best way to show how much I love her and want her to get off the computer! I’m brilliant!” *executes plan*

Me: ‘aaaaah, Maya!’

Maya: ‘what? I love you. Don’t you want to be reminded of that?’

Me: *sigh* ‘I love you too. Now go wipe your mouth off on Dave’s leg.’

Maya: ‘okay!’

This happens at least once a night.

— I have to take Maya out for fall pictures, it’s just gorgeous and she hasn’t worked on her modeling in far too long! When I do, I’ll update be sure to update!


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