Miss G — Madison, WI Child Photographer

Hello, everyone! May I just say – I am so very excited to share the following photos. And to be honest, I’m always very excited. But these photos came with a fun couple of hours catching up with a friend and that is the BEST!

You may remember Miss G from her newborn session? No? Well – you’re in for a treat! She has grown into a smiley, peanut of a 6 month old! We had a great time and even discovered a few of my newborn hats would fit her! So without further ado – enjoy!

Crown made by me! They’re so much fun to make!

Hat by JillyBeanCrochet
Hat by Eva is the Mad Hatter! And she used Wensleydale Farm alpaca yarn!

More photos of this sweetie are up on facebook.

Cathleen Heath Photography is based out of Madison, WI.


One thought on “Miss G — Madison, WI Child Photographer

  1. Cate,
    I cannot say this enough – your work is amazing! We absolutely love the photos! I’m sure you’ll be seeing at least one of them on your Christmas card this year. 🙂
    It was so nice to catch up with you, and thanks so much for your hospitality. We need to get together more often than every 5-6 months, that’s for sure!

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