Accidental Cantering

This Thanksgiving morning I asked, and hubby sweetly agreed, to accompany me to the barn.

Destinee has been great at being ridden when there’s someone on the ground she can follow like a lost dog and well….. a little bull-headed when trying to figure out the listening to the annoying passenger (me) rather than a ‘real’ person on the ground. Because of this, I thought having a helper would get us through the rough patch of taking far too much time off…… (yes, yes, chide away. Life is busy, ok?)

All was going as expected, then I asked hubby to ‘slow jog’ so Des would trot with him. He took off at what can only be described as the fastest ‘slow jog’ I’ve ever seen! Destinee rushed to catch up and we ended up cantering past him and through a half circle, GREAT… we were just trying to get her confidence up on trotting while being steered by the rider, she probably didn’t need to try to figure out balancing in saddle yet….. (though I must say, such a smooth canter for an unbalanced, extremely green 3 year old!)

Some tweaking later…. he ‘fast walked’ while Des and I trotted beside, happy to not let him get out of Destinee’s ‘bubble’ — as doing so would cause the trot speed to increase until we caught up and surpassed him. We even played soccer! Destinee seems to enjoy kicking the big horse soccer ball around when there’s someone riding her and someone on the ground. Give her only one of those two parts and she nudges the ball a little and stands there. Combine them perfectly and she walks purposefully over and kicks the ball! Yes, I am hoping to get hubby on another horse someday so we can play soccer together…. probably the only way I could ever hope to be competitive against him in sports!

After we got that down to at least the ‘pre-break’ level, hubby took to the sidelines and we worked on being independent from helpers. That’s going to take a lot more time! But a couple nice, relaxed segments of walking without fighting my cues and we called it a day. I love being able to ride! While I can’t believe my little filly is now getting close to being a 4 year old mare, I’m just thrilled we’ve reached this time together and hope I can live up to what she deserves.


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