Irish Setter Encounters

Last Saturday Maya and I got up and decided to hit the dog park…. then I got cold and we were alone so Maya wasn’t being too active. I tried to leave, but she sat in the middle of the park and looked at me like ‘it’s ok… I know you’re going to leave me. I’ll survive here, somehow.’

Heartbreaking. And silly, because there is NO WAY she’d stay there by herself. But I guess that’s how spoiled creatures respond sometimes. (Myself included!)

So when it became apparent that she didn’t think coming to the car was an option. I braced myself for another 20 minutes of freezing cold. About that time, a car pulled in and out strolled… an Irish Setter!

The dog’s owner called home to tell his wife that she picked the wrong day to stay home and we chatted about our setters present and past. They got the dog we met, named Penny, in September from an IL shelter. She is still battling heart-worms and is the mellowest 2 year old Irish Setter I’ve seen in awhile! Compared to Maya she seem practically ancient! After becoming acclimated to Maya’s high energy, Penny picked up her pace and they wrestled and ran and came back for loving and ran. Oh, they had such fun!

Needless to say, before we left the park we had a dog date set for the next day so Penny’s mom could meet Maya. And after that dog park date…. I’d say it’s pretty certain that any Irish Setter that can find its way to Dane county and on our radar will be cared for and loved.

Don’t tell Dave but I think a second Irish Setter would be practically perfect! Though i have an agreement with him that would make it rather hard to keep a second dog until we had a farm…. but then I can start my dog pack! Anyone care to start a countdown to a date in the future that hasn’t been determined yet?


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