Behind the Lens | Part One

Good day, everyone!

I figured since CHP is in plan/re-vamp for next year mode, now would be a good time to re-introduce myself…..

The basics:

– I’ve recently turned 26, been married for 4 years and out of school for just over a year. I majored in International Business with minors in Spanish and Pre-Law at Taylor University in Upland, IN. After that we moved to Madison, WI so I could enter the UW’s Law School! I graduated with my J.D. May 2011. Life out of school is crazy and fun. There’s always more going on than can get done!

– photography is very important to me, as is taking care of my clients and giving them the best experience possible, but no… it is not my full time job! I do work Monday – Friday in an office with lovely people. This means if you call during the day, I probably won’t answer! I’ll try to get back to you during lunch or right after work but please don’t be offended! It also means I cannot schedule session during the normal work day. Most sessions are held on Saturdays, though I do have some weeknights and Sundays available. 🙂

– I have 3 animals that I love dearly and a very supportive husband/family. I think each animal deserves its own ‘intro’ post so keep your eyes peeled! Below is snapshot of the hubby and I at a recent family wedding.

Meet Cathleen


– CHP has been open for over a year now! As I continue to grow and learn as a photographer, CHP continues to change and adapt! Coming this spring we’ll be focused on seniors, couples, pets and children. Family sessions will only be scheduled on a very limited basis.

– We love to travel! While most of our recent trips are to visit family/attend family functions, we continue to dream and plan great vacations that will result in some amazing photos to show you all!

– I’ll be doing a ‘What’s in my bag’ post in the next few months so – any questions about my gear will be answered then!


What questions would you like answered in the next addition of ‘Behind the Lens’?



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