Maya and the Chickens

With the skin infection clearing up we decided to keep our scheduled trip on the 3rd of July up to Wensleydale Farms, with the hope of seeing a new cria (baby alpaca). Those hopes were not realized and that baby finally decided to grace us with its presence yesterday!

Regardless, it was a fun couple of days! Maya was in extreme energy mode : no dog park for a week = crazy amounts of stored energy. She made the unfortunate choice of landing her energy squarely on running around the chicken area, making the chickens run in circles. After too many times of having to get two people out there to catch her and drag her away, we made the decision to try training her on the invisible fencing. Hahaha!

The guys took her out with a collar that had puppy boosters on (lowest shock possible), she heard the beep by the chickens (was never actually shocked) and after that refused to leave the patio if that collar was anywhere outside. Leave that collar inside and she’d take off for those chickens like no other! Carry it with you, she’d stay glued to the back door. Let her back inside and she would go lay down away from the back door and watch you with betrayal filled eyes. Now remember – SHE HASN’T EVER BEEN SHOCKED.

So we tried approach number 2 – hubby went down by the chickens with collar in hand, we let Maya out after he was in place, she ran close to the fencing line, he stepped forward so the collar would beep… she ran to the back door and begged to go in. I’m now calling her my over-sensitive, free spirit puppy.