Ball Jar Flowers | Madison, WI Photographer


It’s happy Wednesday flower time!!


Today’s post features some awesome flowers from the local farmer’s market aaand some great old Ball and Atlas jars that my hubby’s Grandma let us bring home!

Aren’t they awesome? ¬†(Flowers and jars) Oh and the box came from Granddaddy’s workshop area.

Oh and Maya wouldn’t sit still for a pretty photo op, but I think I like this even better….. ūüôā


Until next week, be sure to stop and find some beauty in each day! ‚̧




We had some stowaways on the way home from Ohio – 2 kittens! They’re from our Aunt’s farm – she says the¬†coyotes¬†are bad there and the kittens probably wouldn’t make it through the winter. (sad) That paired with the fact that our farm only had 2 boy barn cats and needed some good mousers….. and poor Grandpa had two itty bitty kittens in the back of his van for the 10 hour trip home!

After hours of deliberation, sleep, jokes, deliberation, jokes… we finally named the pair: Pearl and Naomi! I still feel like we were bringing brides home to Walter and Allister but ah well!


Aren’t they cute?? Pearl is the one awake and with the huge blue eyes. Naomi is the sleepy head.


One more of Pearl. I can’t wait to get up there and take some pictures in good light and not in a moving van!


There was talk of ‘accidentally’ forgetting one here but…. I don’t think that’d go over well. We have a house guest for 2.5 weeks and Callie has made it clear that no other creatures are allowed to exist in her territory. She tolerates Peanut, as long as Peanut doesn’t try to go upstairs or on the couch. They’ve even played together each night. So she’s not being a bad host… it’s just plain that she is at her limit with housemates!


Who is Peanut? A friend’s dog that you may remember her from this session!

Updates and Model Casting Call

I hope everyone’s September is starting off well! I had a spectacular weekend with family in Ohio celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary. It was short – but good! Got home and lost my voice so I’m hiding behind a computer and trying to get motivated to set up the sewing machine my Mom so wonderfully let me borrow! Lots of DIY to catch up on around here…

Updates —¬†

1. Don’t forget the giveaway!! You only have until the 12th of September to get your entries in… and our first ever day of mini-sessions is September 24th – don’t wait until the last minute to book your session!

2. I’m starting to work on Christmas card options for those interested. I’m loving the professional printing lab that I am trying out so I’m very optimistic these will look FANTASTIC. Especially on metalic paper. Examples soon? Or at least upon request!

3. I need newborns! I recently was blessed with winning a bunch of wonderful newborn props but I need a beautiful baby to try them out on! Preferably in October to make sure the props arrive in time! Madison, Milwaukee or Sheboygan, WI area newborns!


Photos — ¬†Small taste from the weekend. Check facebook for more!


We didn’t have their halters or anything – so the horse was rather difficult to get out of the shelter but you could tell these girls just loved the equines!


We got the horse to come out!! And it was so worth it!

One of the sweet pups running around the farm! Isn’t he a darling canine?