Summer Heat

Things have been pretty low key around here. Everyone is concentrating on staying as cool as possible.

My resolve to go to the barn and sweet talk my way into Destinee’s good graces was fouled by the 100-110 heat index and the lack of a/c (especially in the bathroom). I just couldn’t get over the idea of sweating buckets and then coming home to shower and just continue sweating. Hopefully by the time you read this things will have cooled off a little and I’ll be back to working my girl! We’ve got so much to do!

And as you can probably guess – no a/c, extreme heat… Callie has been laying stretched out on the wood floor, trying to neither move her tail nor interact with Maya. Maya has mostly been hanging out in the basement with me – with periodic outbursts of energy that are quickly stifled and result in endless panting in front of the fan. I tried to take her to the pet swim area one morning thinking she would enjoy being cool… No go. She ran right into the lake, stood there and then ran right out and towards the path out. She’s too good of a girl to actually leave the swim area but after going through the same pattern another two times I got the picture. Clipped her leash on and BAM! Off she went pulling me all the way back to the car. It was similar to the beginning  of 101 Dalmatians when Pongo pulls his owner all over the park. Sigh. We returned home and munched on ice cubes in the basement together.

Oh and one sad piece of news – I’m hopeful it’s simply the heat, but Maya seems to have lost her love of peanut butter! Understandable (since that’s what her medicine was in for 2+ weeks) but I filled a Kong, put it in the freezer, pulled it out a few hours later and she hasn’t touched it in over 2 days. Usually the kong is immediately attacked and pb is consumed as quickly as she can inhale. Oh bother.