Adoptable Pets – Kittens! | Madison, WI Photographer

This Wednesday we’re deviating again from the floral posts to something perhaps even cuter…… Kittens!

These sweet little guys are looking for homes! The black and white kitten has a home but there are 10 that are still looking. Are you looking for a pet? These kittens are super friendly and love being with people.

Who could say no to those eyes? She’s such a cuddle bug!


Interested? Send an email to Wensleydale Farms or comment here and they’ll be in contact! Good homes only.


Wensleydale Farms

As much as Destinee and I miss Divya some days — she is so happy at the farm! It truly is her home and Checkers is thrilled to bits that he has a friend. She’s even been ridden a number of times and seems to be retaining her training and making her owner quite happy. Unfortunately the knot in her mane was un-fixable, so if you notice in this photo… it was cut quite short. But one of the benefits to hair is that it grows back so I’m certain her long flowing locks will return by next spring!

They have a great time together – Divya makes sure Checkers gets enough exercise, he’s looking pretty good! And Checkers makes sure Divya eats enough so she continues to fill out and grow up. Such a tall three year old!

The farm’s kittens are also doing well… living in the big bathroom until they’ve grown enough to stay in the barn. I can’t get enough of them! They’re so little and cuddly! Their eyes are starting to change colors – it was quite a startling change from the beginning of September to now. As you can see, Naomi’s eyes are a gray/green. Maybe they’ll stay something like that? We’ll see!

This is Naomi.

Destinee and I have a lesson this Saturday and hopefully a mini-photo shoot before that! So I’m sure there will be plenty to share next week. Thanks for tuning in!