S Family | Madison, WI Photographer

Back in March I traveled a little further south than usual to meet with the S family and do a family session at their house/nearby grassy area. They were troopers – working through the bright sunshine and limited space. 

Sisters, First Granddaughter, Mom/Grandma

Big Group Hug!


Thanks for having me, it was great to meet you all!


Mr. B — Madison, WI Area Child/Family Photographer



I’m so glad Mr. B’s family found me. Isn’t he a cutie? They’re a darling family – so blessed to be able to meet them. We had a fun time with balloons in the wind — didn’t work out quite as planned but at least he had some fun with them! And carrying bags of balloons is certainly a good identifying factor if someone doesn’t know you.

And to top it all off – he’s going to be a big brother this spring! I think he’s going to do great as a big brother!