P52 Week 3 and 4 | Madison, WI Photographer

Week 3’s theme was inspiration – Miss Maya reminds me to love everyone and be joyful in all things. Even when I’m frustrated at her she’s happy and inquisitive. And that’s rather inspirational!

Week 4’s theme is animal – and of course since last week was Maya, this week is Des! The photo isn’t as clear as I would like due to my lack of warm clothing (I was shaking a little with cold).

I’m still short week 2 — the theme for that week was perfect. I’m so sorry I got behind! I’ll keep striving to get each week done on time!


P52 – Week 1, “New” | Madison, WI Photographer

A group of photographers I love has decided to partake in a Project 52, with a pre-determined theme for each week. I’m hoping this will be more successful than my 365 project last year!

This is Destinee with her NEW halter! Thanks, Grandma & Grandpa! We love it!

And yes, I did have a huge problem trying to get her to stay in one spot while I got a ‘good’ shot. Decided this one showcased her personality way better than the one I did end up getting that was more serene!


If you’d like to join the fun — just post your photos from this week on the fb page!  I’d love to see what you come up with!