Photobook Reviews – Part 1

By the time this review series is done I’ll have created/purchased photobooks from: Apple, Snapfish, Walgreens, Mixbooks, and Photobook America. Phew! I guess that’s what happens when you follow where Groupon leads you! I’ll be reviewing by use from oldest to newest.

I’m hoping to have guest reviews of at least Shutterfly… want a guest post? Let me know!

First up: iPhoto 08/Apple
Overall: 3 stars
Great quality. You have to have iPhoto to make their projects and the projects are drop in – not customizable. (Remember – this is iPhoto 08, perhaps that has changed or will change?) We created and ordered wedding books for our parents through Apple – they were happy with the results, I was not as thrilled. Not that the books weren’t nice, but I was looking for a more professional looking book. Also – seemed rather pricey when compared to Snapfish which is has a similar product line but that has changed and they’re at a similar price level as Mixbooks now!

Second: Mixbooks
Overall: 4.5 stars
Great quality. Customizable but not completely. Overall it was perfect for our personal wedding album. I was able to manipulate photos as backgrounds and place photos where I wanted. They have themes and I did use one, but it wasn’t too strict and the quotes they suggested were removable. I left about half the quotes in/changed to something more fitting for us. This isn’t a fully customized book source but it is a nice improvement if you’d like more control over the layout of your  book. If you haven’t checked out Mixbooks yet, do so! But first check here for coupon information – like a free book to new customers or free shipping! Also you can find deal information on fb.

Congrats to Mixbooks! They won the 2011 TopTenReviews Gold Award for Best Online Photo Book Service!