Wensleydale Farms

It’s been awhile since there’s been a farm update around here! Things have been spinning almost out of control since the Open House at the end of July! It’s past time to start working on the next one but…… anyway….. On to what you came for : photos!

Checkers says ‘Good morning! Where’s my food?’

Let’s see since update there are two new cria! One is from Lexi (a personal favorite). Aren’t they cute?

Miss Lexi has a keen awareness of the camera and where she should be in order to be best positioned in the frame…. also, I think this is the first time she’s ever let me take a photo of the ‘non-beauty marked’ side of her face!

Rah is the oldest 2012 cria and he’s still doing wonderfully. Inquisitive but calm and a bit of an instigator, this guy might spell trouble! Gorgeous fiber color as well.

Darling Summer Breeze is the second oldest cria from 2012. She’s settling in nicely as the bold, fun loving girl.

Who does that leave?

Oh yeah! Greystones! Where is that little guy……

Ah… hiding behind his mother. Hopefully he’ll come out to play with the camera soon!



Want to keep in touch with the farm? Find them on facebook! Or their website! Farm shop will be opening between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and there are some great items that would fit perfectly under your Christmas tree!



Cathleen Heath Photography has two events coming up this summer!

The first one is July 21st. Details on the flyer below. Come visit the animals, check out some great small businesses and enjoy the demos!

The second is in August, at Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary. Information about that event can be found here.


Both should be tons of fun! Please stop by and see us!

Shearing | Madison, WI Photographer

There are baby chicks running around Wensleydale Farms! Look!

Alpaca pre-shearing – boasting a big, warm winter coat in 90 degree temperatures isn’t the best idea….

Ah, yes. Much cooler!

Great fun was had by all!!

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